27 May 2018


The LMCC white papers provide exclusive research and comment on areas affecting the London and international (re)insurance markets. Like the LMCC itself, the papers are designed to be informative and thought provoking and are produced in collaboration with the LMCC partners.

Claims Thought Leadership paper

There is growing divide between claims management and underwriting systems in London, writes DOCOsoft CEO Aidan O'Neill in this Claims Thought Leadership paper. Claims management professionals and their teams tend to be more forward thinking than their underwriting counterparts, certainly as far as processes and technology go.

In association with DOCOsoft

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Major & Complex Loss Review

Major and complex losses arrive in many forms: fire, flood, criminal activity, earthquake or error. In each case the challenge is to rapidly assimilate the issues presented and to apply expertise that reassures and resolves in equal measure.

In association with Cunningham Lindsay

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The Impact of Macroeconomic Trends on London Market Claims

Professional negligence claims are, in general, counter-cyclical to the economy. A healthy economy is to a large extent a reservoir for claims that may only materialise if and when there are tougher times ahead. However, some categories of professional negligence claims are more in tune with the economy. Relevant claims statistics are hard to come by and can be unhelpful if not misleading without keeping this distinction in mind. Make of it what you will, but the intriguing graph below broadly shows how professional negligence claims relate to the rise and fall of the property market. Anyone who can accurately predict the future path of either of these two lines would have knowledge of almost limitless value.

In association with BLM

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